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Formulated with ingredients selected especially for sensitive skin, sun-sensitive skin and children’s skin, this low-irritant sunscreen also features Shiseido’s exclusive Wetforce technology, so it gains power with water and perspiration*. The superior UV sunscreen powerfully protects the skin with the texture gentle enough for delicate skin.
Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and helps reduce the appearance of photo-aging with exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360TM technology.
Very water-resistant. Perspiration-resistant. Sand-proof.



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Formulated with ingredients selected especially for sensitive skin, sun-sensitive skin and children’s skin.

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1. Start with your cheeks and forehead, then move in an outward direction.
2. Apply to several spots on the neckline and blend in an upward direction from the base of the neck.
3. Be sure to cover the areas between the eyebrows, the hairline, the edge of the chin, the outer side of the nostrils and the ears.
1. Using the palm of your hand pressed flat against your skin, blend and smooth the product in an outward direction using large circular motions.
2. Don’t forget the sides of your arms and legs, and your shoulders and chest. They burn easily, too.

WetForce. Safer,* stronger UV protection — powered by water or sweat.**

THE WETFORCE TECHNOLOGY is perhaps the most spectacular step forward since the invention of UV protection and most certainly a milestone in the history of suncare products.
In our Wetforce products, the UV Protection gets boosted by water and perspiration.

Every new Shiseido suncare product launched is formulated with our SuperVeil-UVTM technology. It creates a UV-protective veil that adheres evenly to skin’s microscopic contours. So no matter which angle the UV rays come from, the veil helps prevent them from reaching deep within, providing effective protection.

Now Shiseido has achieved another revolutionary sunscreen development: WetForce technology. WetForce reinforces the UV-protective veil when it comes into contact*** with water or perspiration**.

This new protector is sunscreen formulated with a stabilized form of Ionic Mineral Sensor, which contains* negative ions. They bond powerfully with minerals in water (which are positive ions) to create a highly water-repellent layer.

*Safer formula for all skin types including sensitive skin and children.
**Compared before and after soaking in water for 30 minutes. Be sure to reapply product immediately after towel-drying skin.
**To activate WetForce technology, expose the applied area to water or perspiration for 30 minutes. Be sure to reapply immediately after towel-drying skin.

Users overwhelmingly endorse Shiseido WetForce for Sensitive Skin & Children

96% of women said
“The formulation is resistant to perspiration and water”
*4 hours after applying the product on body

82% of women said
“I want to continue using this protector”
*4 hours after applying the product on body

96% of women said
“I think this protector is gentle to the skin”
*2 days after testing the product

93% of women said
“The formulation does not feel greasy on my skin”
*After ­1st application on body

Tested by 104 women in South Africa, Jan 2015