Camelia Shiseido


The essence of Japanese beauty.

In Japan, we believe there is underlying meaning everywhere, in everything and in everyone. We believe this subtle force is the origin of beauty. Shiseido’s skincare and makeup philosophy celebrates this Japanese sense of beauty. The splendor of uniqueness. The power of nature’s active ingredients. The pleasure of simplicity. Minimalistic yet finely crafted, it expresses intense emotion and humanity.

This is a different kind of beauty.

A hybrid of science and art.
Logic and feeling. The material and the spiritual.
It is innermost. Meaningful. Rich with empathy.
It moves and breathes and dances and sings and laughs and laughs and kicks and screams.
It soars, it falls, it falls in love, keeps moving.
Because, even though it is made possible by some of the greatest science ever developed,
its core is all human.
From Japan to the world, this is beauty…